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Contact Brand Design, Inc in Surfside Beach, SC for Video Advertising, Video Directories, VideoBoost™ in Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Conway and Pawley’s Island, SC

Brand Design in Myrtle Beach, SC, provides video advertising services, video directories and the new VideoBoost to push videos to to thousands of customers. We can also help create and manage your in-stream and out-stream ads.  We offer banner video advertising in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Surfside, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island and Georgetown, SC.

Video advertising is one of the hottest forms of advertising today. Businesses are turning to video advertising to help educate customers and promote their products and services. Videos tell a story, reach mass audiences or target small audiences. Video advertising is less expensive than radio advertising, TV commercials, direct mail and in some cases less expensive than print and newspaper ads. Today, videos are added to social media campaigns, vlogs, eblasts, and they are also added to directories.

Spotlitz Business Video Advertising in SC and NC

Adding a video to the Spotlitz Online Business Directory will pay off in many ways. For as little as $900 per year you will be placed into this unique business directory. You will be provided with a category listing and receive your own mini website page on the business directory with your supplied video. Additionally, your page will include all of your contact information, links to your website, links to your social media channels, and an area to add a brochure or coupons.

The Spotlitz Business Directory has many other business links that create an immense amount of SEO juice. The biggest benefit is to your website rankings on the search engines. You get all this for about $75 per month.

VideoBoost™ Advertising from Myrtle Beach SC to Pawleys Island, SC

What is VideoBoost and what are the benefits? VideoBoost propels your video to thousands of customers and you’ll receive thousands of views. We will even have the analytics to tell you exactly in which towns the videos were viewed. The videos that can be seen by the search engines rank high on Google and YouTube and are found through online keyword searches. A video is pushed through a syndicated network with links, locations and keywords and the result is a hopped up video that can be seen by all the major search engines and in multiple areas in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand.

VideoBoost programs cost $325 per month, plus a $150 set-up fee. Initial campaigns must run for the three months, thereafter they are month-to-month. A VideoBoost Campaign can be stopped or started at any time and can reach a mass audience or be designed for smaller, targeted audiences. VideoBoost is also used in combination with YouTube advertising, but it is not a pay-per-click product as it generates thousands of clicks. It is unlimited clicks with a low monthly fee.

VideoBoost provides terrific analytical data. It indicates the number of views, the town, city, county and state where the video was seen. It also provides stats on length of view time, retention rates and the device used to view the video.

YouTube Advertising in Georgetown County and Horry County, SC and Brunswick County, NC

For in-stream ads, out-stream ads or banner video ads for YouTube, contact Brand Design, Inc. in Surfside Beach, SC. We work for clients in Georgetown, Horry and Brunswick County on YouTube Advertising campaigns. In-stream ads are the short video ads (15-30 seconds) that appear just before a piece of video content begins to play (pre-roll). They can also be set for play during (mid-roll) or after a video plays (post-roll).

In-stream Ads for Businesses in SC

If you want to do in-stream ads for your business, it’s best to do it before the main video plays. Contact Brand Design, Inc. for in-stream advertising programs.

Out-stream Ads for Businesses in SC

Out-stream ads (in-read ads) are videos that play and appear between paragraphs of readable text on the page. Out-stream ads tend to break the content on the page and surprise the viewer, but they do get attention and viewers. Often viewers click on the video ads while scrolling down a page to read text. Out-stream ads can be a great revenue solution for publishers looking to ad video content into heavy textural pages. Banner video ads are displayed and embedded within standard display banner ads on a website or business directory. They generally play non-stop.

At Brand Design, Inc. we have helped numerous businesses develop videos and promoted them online. Whether you want to advertise on a business directory (Spotlitz.com), searchable on the web through a VideoBoost campaign, or you want to do in-stream ads or in-read ads, Brand Design, Inc. can help. We can set-up your video advertising program, monitor the videos and provide feedback about the campaign on a monthly basis. If you are looking for a new way to advertise, start video advertising with Brand Design, Inc.

Contact Brand Design, Inc. for video advertising, local Spotlitz Directory advertising, VideoBoost advertising, in-steam, in-read and banner advertising in SC and NC. (843) 650-0992.

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