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For Radio Commercials, Jingles or TV Ad Campaigns in SC and NC, Contact the Advertising Professionals, Brand Design, Inc in Myrtle Beach, SC

Brand Design has developed radio and television commercials to promote banks and grand openings for more than 25 years. When you need radio spots or TV commercials to advertise your business venture in Myrtle Beach, SC contact Brand Design in Surfside Beach. We help with radio and TV campaigns for special programs and product introduction throughout the Grand Strand. Furthermore, we serve businesses, associations and organizations in Conway, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, SC.

Radio and TV Creation to Placement and Media Buys in Myrtle Beach, SC

We do it all from the creation to the ad placement. We will research the stations, recommend the days and time slots, develop the advertising budget, the advertising schedule and coordinate the ad placements. We work out all the details and fully manage the ad campaigns so you can do what you do best.

On-Air Radio and TV Promotions and Sponsorships in Myrtle Beach, SC

Radio commercials can be done in several ways; as a live on-air read, with an on-air personality. Or a business sponsorship commercial. Brand Design can also fully produce the radio or TV spot with a full narrative, script, dialog, music and sound effects. We can even write and direct a catchy jingle. Brand Design works with the radio and TV stations, and keeps you informed throughout the process. We coordinate everything.

We Promote Contests, New Amusement Rides, Even Fishing Adventures in SC

If you want to promote a contest, a new ride, or a fishing trip, allow Brand Design to set up your radio advertising campaign. TV and radio commercials can be educational, can tell a story, can be used to demo a product or they can be comedic. Brand Design will work with you to achieve your on-air advertising goals through radio or TV.

If you are interested in radio and TV advertising, Brand Design in Surfside Beach will take care of the details. Brand Design will develop the concepts, write the scripts, produce the spots, select the advertising channels, the time slots and advertising frequency.

As a first project bonus, we will also provide a portion of our agency commission back to your business. TV and radio can be very expensive and confusing; allow Brand Design to save your business time and money on ad placement costs and the endless negotiations.

Contact Brand Design to develop your next radio spot, jingle or TV ad campaign in Georgetown County SC, Horry County, SC and Brunswick County, NC.

Call: (843) 650-0992

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